Saturday, February 02, 2008


dear blog,

i've seen dramatic change in my life. not so much dat it's been absolutely altering. jus enaf wher i realize wat it hs done 4 me.....n sumtin i hvn't onestly thought bout in a long tym... n i realized.. i need HIM, i need HIS strength, HIS guidence, n HIS lurv... without HIM i am nothing n no wher~~sO i began praying, truly praying, again--now i hv HIM back!! not lyk it used to be, but more than before.n i feel that as i gradually open my heart up more to HIM, i can truly be happy again.

p/s:curently, sangap ler stressfulexam law sungguh la s***..rily3 need qiam..alwaktu addaqaiq~~


ark said...

law?? s2(d) of contract act define consideration as bla bla bla la...

hapal jgn tak apal.hihi

n.i.n.a said...


God's Love Letters Compilation is the best balm, given any time..~