Saturday, December 06, 2008


wat i wan 2 noe is y i m completely unable 2 jus b satisfied wif wat i've got? it's never been enough, n somehow i dun think it ever wil b. wat I did helpd me c things in a clear version of my life. It jus fels rite. wat m i struggling 4? wat is dis fight wif my innerself? do i rily noe wat i wan if things were the other way around? no, i dun definitely wan the other way around. if i take wat i hv 4 granted, i'll gain my inner peace. followg dat, it'll be easier to build on what have been established. at d n, it's amazing to find out dat wat i want is wat i have. all my efforts 2 make wat i have more n more beautiful in a helpless manner sometimes make me fel hopeless if thing do not come around the way i wan. maybe it's because i try too hard. why so hard? i already have it. damn i'm talking about giving life for the near future. i must relax and get ready. things wil not b betta. at least i have 2 take dat for granted. i ned real closeness now, with whom i dun noe now. i need some real frens. i dun know to whom i fel close.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


if you are truly feeling not valued as a friend, then why do you value this friendship?