Saturday, December 06, 2008


wat i wan 2 noe is y i m completely unable 2 jus b satisfied wif wat i've got? it's never been enough, n somehow i dun think it ever wil b. wat I did helpd me c things in a clear version of my life. It jus fels rite. wat m i struggling 4? wat is dis fight wif my innerself? do i rily noe wat i wan if things were the other way around? no, i dun definitely wan the other way around. if i take wat i hv 4 granted, i'll gain my inner peace. followg dat, it'll be easier to build on what have been established. at d n, it's amazing to find out dat wat i want is wat i have. all my efforts 2 make wat i have more n more beautiful in a helpless manner sometimes make me fel hopeless if thing do not come around the way i wan. maybe it's because i try too hard. why so hard? i already have it. damn i'm talking about giving life for the near future. i must relax and get ready. things wil not b betta. at least i have 2 take dat for granted. i ned real closeness now, with whom i dun noe now. i need some real frens. i dun know to whom i fel close.


.h.o.p.e. said...

i really know exactly how you feel..
i feel the pain too..

isya said...

T-T. in the end, the result really doesnt matter. but the efforts that counts.


cik murni izar said...

me too.
sedey kan bile takdapat ape yang kite nak. padehal kite dah usehe sgt2 dah.
tapi abg kite ckp, myb mmg allah tanak bg kat kte. kot2 nati kalo kite dapat yang kite nak, lupe diri, riak. no need to nyesal. ho

kite sedey ritu result kite ampeh banget. sbb da buat sgt2 bes la konon an, tapi result nye alahai. sedey la an. T_T bukan sbb nyesal. tapi sedey. hu,b tough eh my dear~

luv u.