Thursday, November 22, 2007


life's been gud, i mean nothing gr8, bt very bored~~huhu..i jus needed to privately 2nyt,so wateva. okey,i went to d sacc mal wif fazana to get clothes 4 blk U nanti-huh...n i got in such a pissy mud,cause i felt so kurus sgt n eVrytin n then i was al tired n wanted to sleep n ws sOo horrible, i ws so pissed off. the thing dat i jus needed to ***** about most ws people i donna know jus ppl in genrl r pissing me i ws so mad 2nyt..dunno another reason..!! nak tdO je skg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ark said...

lek2..chil2.tido ubat yg baek time tensen2.saba eh.ingat lah Allah moga hati kan tenang.