Monday, December 24, 2007

hapy 19th birthday fasihah

hepi bday to my laling nina seha amanina fasihah..heh..d glemO name i bg kat dia..sory ek toO late wish u..sesungguh nye sebegitulah traits ur besfren...u shud aware bout dat...

do u stil remember how we met? u said dat na, at first we didn't noe each other. we didn't even bother about each other's lives, but Allah had wanted us 2 meet. we stat s a fren n slowly become clos of our interests n differences made us sOo suitable 2 b together...we had shared similar interests dat makes us unseparated n we put aside our differences dat make us even closer..u noe? yes u shud hard we try 2 b a gud fren for each other,we can clearly see dat!! na, thanks 4 al d moments we shared,i hop Allah wil let us b frens 4 d rest of our lives n i awso pray dat Allah wil gv our children d chance 2 noe each other n b frens like we did..m rily blessed i've found u s my fren..m rily appreciated it na..i jus want u to noe dat for me to have evryting i rily need u na..m rily sory if i've hurt u in any ways.i hop by writing dis in my blog evryone wil noe dat u r alwes here wif me,so dat 'HE' wil noe dat 4 me to survive dis life m rily doesn't need 'HE'.. i luv u more than u ever noe amanina fasihah.inniuhibbu kifillah sayang~~
i want to thank you,You gave me more than i expected,d unexpected given..thanks God..m rily3 bersyukur....Alhamdulillah
p/s:curently dgr instrument kat blog tame,sOo m fel like syahdu tetibe,dunno why..haha

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ark said...

eh bile ni.Happy belated birthday aa kat nina.hehe